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Millbrook Ontario singer/songwriter Peter Graham pens “stories of conflict and reflection told with an underlying hope and acceptance.” Set in the turmoil of the Canadian landscape, Peter & his band burn slowly through “diligently polished alternative folk songs” like a wildfire smoldering under the topsoil through the winter. A catalogue of songs that will “either warm your heart or punch you in the gut.” 

2020’s DESPITE WHERE WE’VE BEEN shows a band in command of their craft, and in keeping with the moment. Opening track “Fireworks & Liquor” places you right in the depths of a world reeling and navigating a step backwards. “The corner store sells Fireworks & Liquor / they’re having a record year / I'm finding new things to celebrate and new ways to disappear.” Graham sings plainly and plaintively as waves of pedal steel swirl up around a pounding bass + drum groove. A true, Canadian roots rock road song. Of which there are a few on their debut LP.

Currently putting on miles in and around Southern Ontario + the GTA. With regular gigs in Toronto + Peterborough, the Peter Graham Band is ready to roll into a town near you. And visit often. 

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